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At Acorn Carpet Cleaning we have worked hard to build our reputation as a dependable and effective carpet cleaner Dumbarton company. We provide comprehensive cleaning for carpet, rugs, hard floors, leather and upholstery, together with undertaking unmatched stain removal services.

Carpet Cleaning Company Dumbarton

Our family-run and specialised company has worked in this industry for many years and has established itself as a routine service for a number of customers as a result of our dependable quality standards. We realise our outstanding results through a mixture of our extensive and constantly growing experience and advanced equipment.

Carpet Cleaning Dumbarton

Every carpet situation is different, and as a result we have various diverse tactics. Nevertheless, hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is the strategy that we tend to employ if possible due to its amazing results.

The approach starts by undertaking thorough vacuuming utilising our industrial machine which will get rid off filth, muck, and even excess carpet pile. We then use an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic pre-spray chemical which remains safe while offering amazing results.

Carpet Cleaner Dumbarton

After ‘agitating’ the carpet using our specialised appliance, we will progress to the major cleaning procedure. This stage involves spraying our cleaning solution at high pressure into the carpet which will remove our pre-spray along with remaining dirt and general grime in the carpet.

After we finish off the hot water extraction, we can make our carpet cleaner Dumbarton service complete by raking the fibres to reset the pile.

Stain Removal & upholstery cleaning Dumbarton

Although many carpet cleaner Dumbarton companies advertise stain removal, what they mean is they have some kind of specialised machine – but you require practical knowledge too! Our team has cooperated closely with the NCCA to create our stain removal service, allowing us to remove anything from coffee to Irn Bru.

Stain Removal Dumbarton

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Dumbarton

Whilst the methods we employ might be distinct when it comes to hard surfaces, the outcome that we will deliver is the same.

We reduce the water and cleaning compounds necessary to get rid of all the muck on the surface of hard floors by 70%. We accomplish this by utilising our high-speed oscillating machine which achieves amazing results while enabling us to protect our ecosystem.

Rug Cleaning Dumbarton

Many people fail to give their rugs the treatment they deserve! Even though you can take them to the back door and shake them regularly, this won’t do anything to rectify the dilapidated and grubby look and feel that will gradually build up over time.

Acorn’s carpet cleaner Dumbarton comprehensive cleaning program will provide your rug a fresh lease of life, and our prior assessment of the rug will ensure that we protect all of its dyes and style. The cleaning process consists of vacuuming on either side along with an effective, safe chemical treatment.

Why Use Acorn?

There are numerous carpet cleaner Dumbarton companies to choose from; the question is why use Acorn?

  • Environmentally-Safe – The amount of hazardous chemicals that society uses on a daily basis is having a significant effect on our environment. Not only are the compunds that we use eco-friendly, but they are non-toxic for small children and pets to be around when the clean is finished.
  • NCCA Member – We focus closely on the training strategies and equipment recommended by the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) and invest heavily in their guidelines. This helps to ensure that our carpet cleaner Dumbarton company is always at the forefront of our industry!
  • Respectful – We recognise that we are typically being invited into your home or office to undertake our work. With this in mind, we go to each and every length necessary to decrease disruption and make certain that no damage results in your property.
  • Bespoke Service – No two situations are the same and utilising an identical approach in every assignment won’t ever achieve guaranteed perfect results. At Acorn we are fully committed to developing a bespoke plan for each worksite we visit.
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Carpet Cleaning Dumbarton

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    I had Acorn Carpet Cleaning do my hallway carpet and am incredibly happy with the results. The hallway looks great and all of the marks that were there before are now gone. I popped out while they done the work and since they had finished and were waiting for me to come back they buffed my hardwood kitchen floor FREE OF CHARGE! I really can’t speak highly enough of this company.

    Mr Ramsay