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Acorn Carpet Cleaning is a reliable local carpet cleaner Dunure business that offers brilliant cleaning and stain removal solutions for carpets, hard flooring, fabrics, leather, rugs, and curtains providing exceptional service in Dunure and the West of Scotland for domestic and commercial customers.

Carpet Cleaning Company Dunure

Our family-run and specialist company has worked in this industry for many years and has established itself as a staple service for a number of customers due to our dependable quality work. We realise our incredible results using a mixture of our extensive and consistently growing experience and advanced equipment.

Carpet Cleaning Dunure

At Acorn Carpet Cleaning we have a various techniques within our arsenal that we can employ to achieve a flawless end result. However, the tactic we employ most that is ordinarily the most effective is hot water extraction (often called steam cleaning).

The method us a multi-stage process that commences with vacuuming the carpet using our powerful industrial machine to hoover up any grime or shed carpet pile. After, we apply a chemical pre-wash treatment that is harmless for the environment and non-toxic.

Carpet Cleaner Dunure

Then, we will use a different state-of-the-art technology to ‘agitate’ the carpet to ready for it for the main phase. At this phase, we will spray a combination of water and cleaning solution at very high pressure into the carpeting. This will break down and remove any filth or other particles within the fibres.

After performing a final rake to refresh the carpet pile and guarantee a perfect finish, our carpet cleaner Dunure service is done!

Stain Removal & upholstery cleaning Dunure

Whilst many carpet cleaner Dunure companies claim to provide stain removal, what they mean is they have some type of specialist equipment – but you need to have expertise too! Our team has cooperated intimately with the NCCA to formulate our stain removal system, allowing us to get rid of anything from red wine to Irn Bru.

Stain Removal Dunure

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Dunure

Whilst the techniques we take advantage of might be distinct when it comes to hard surfaces, the outcome that we will deliver is identical.

We lower the water and chemicals needed to get rid of all the dirt and grime stuck to the surface of hard flooring by 70%. We accomplish this by using our high-speed oscillating machine which achieves amazing results while allowing us to safeguard our ecosystem.

Rug Cleaning Dunure

While people frequently get their carpets taken care of, for whatever reason, rugs tend to be ignored. Rugs are subjected to plenty of punishment and they can very quickly become grubby and can appear extremely dull and worn out.

Our carpet cleaner Dunure service will make certain that your rug completes the room yet again. While many rugs have a number of diverse dyes and materials that can present difficulties while washing, but our pre-clean assessment will ensure we don’t result in any damage.

Why Use Acorn?

Although there is a vast array of carpet cleaner Dunure companies on the market, here are a few critical reasons why you should call Acorn:

  • Environmentally-Safe – At Acorn, we understand the regrettable effect that worldwide industry is taking on the environment. We are committed to doing things differently, and exclusively use chemicals that are totally environmentally-friendly and safe for children and pets to be around.
  • NCCA Member – We focus closely on the training strategies and equipment recommended by the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) and invest heavily in their strategies. This ensures that our carpet cleaner Dunure service continues to be at the forefront of our industry!
  • Respectful – We appreciate that we are often being accepted into your home or office to do our work. Keeping this in mind, we go to each and every length required to minimise disruption and make certain that no damage is caused to your property.
  • Tailored Service – There is substantial variation within carpets and taking an identical method for every job will never assure perfect results. We survey all of the flooring we are going to treat prior to starting and alter our service accordingly.
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Acorn Carpet Cleaning is a carpet cleaner Dunure service that is matched by no other. If you require dependable quality results, just get in touch.

Carpet Cleaning Dunure

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    I had Acorn Carpet Cleaning do my hallway carpet and am incredibly happy with the results. The hallway looks great and all of the marks that were there before are now gone. I popped out while they done the work and since they had finished and were waiting for me to come back they buffed my hardwood kitchen floor FREE OF CHARGE! I really can’t speak highly enough of this company.

    Mr Ramsay