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Acorn Carpet Cleaning is a trustworthy local carpet cleaner Patna service that provides fantastic cleaning and stain removal services for carpets, hard floor surfaces, fabrics, leather, rugs, and curtains providing fantastic service in Patna and the West of Scotland for domestic and commercial customers.

Carpet Cleaning Company Patna

Acorn is a family-run enterprise dedicated to standards of perfection in every job that we take on, whatever the size. Using our knowledge and experience of advancing technologies within our industry, we ensure our technicians are equipped with everything required to achieve the best possible result.

Carpet Cleaning Patna

At Acorn Carpet Cleaning we have a several approaches within our arsenal that we can employ to achieve a flawless final result. Even so, the technique we employ most that is usually the most effective is hot water extraction (otherwise known as steam cleaning).

The method us a multi-stage process that commences with vacuuming the carpet using our effective professional equipment to suck up any grime or loosened carpet pile. We follow this up with a chemical pre-wash treatment that is safe for the environment and non-toxic.

Carpet Cleaner Patna

After ‘agitating’ the carpet using our dedicated equipment, we will move on to the major treatment procedure. This process involves spraying our cleaning solution at extremely high pressure into the carpet to eliminate our pre-spray as well as remaining dirt and various other grime within the carpet.

After our technicians finish off the hot water extraction, we can make our carpet cleaner Patna service complete by raking the fibres to revitalise the pile.

Stain Removal & upholstery cleaning Patna

While numerous carpet cleaner Patna companies claim to offer stain removal, what they mean is they have some kind of specialised equipment – but you need to have knowledge too! Our team has cooperated closely with the NCCA to formulate our stain removal program, enabling us to eliminate anything from red wine to Irn Bru.

Stain Removal Patna

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Patna

The cleaning procedures when it comes to hard flooring is very not the same as carpets and rugs, but we have the skills and technology to secure the same sparkling results.

Employing our high-speed oscillating machinery, we will ensure that all of the dust and grime is removed from your hard floor surfaces. Our gear uses 70% less water and cleaning compounds in comparison to various other methods, which is better for your flooring (in particular hardwoods) and the environment.

Rug Cleaning Patna

Many people forget to offer their rugs the attention they require! While you can take them to the door and shake them routinely, this won’t do anything to deal with the dilapidated and grubby look that will start to show over time.

Our carpet cleaner Patna service will make sure that your rug completes the room once again. Although many rugs hold a number of different dyes and fibres that can present difficulties while cleaning, but our pre-clean evaluation will make sure we don’t bring about any damage.

Why Use Acorn?

There are numerous carpet cleaner Patna providers out there; the question is why use Acorn?

  • Environmentally-Safe – At Acorn, we appreciate the disastrous impact that worldwide industry is taking on the planet. We are committed to doing things differently, and solely use chemicals that are completely environmentally-friendly and safe for kids and household pets to be around.
  • NCCA Member – As members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) we can keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and developments introduced to our industry. Because of this, our carpet cleaner Patna business is consistently ahead of the game.
  • Respectful – The nature of our work means that we always need to enter the home or business premises of our clients. With this in mind, we take the utmost care through the entire procedure to ensure that we result in minimum disruption together with zero damage.
  • Tailored Service – There is considerable diversity between carpets and making use of an identical technique for every job won’t ensure perfect results. We review all of the floor surfaces we are employed to work on prior to beginning and alter our service properly.
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Acorn Carpet Cleaning is a carpet cleaner Patna service that excells in our field. If you need dependable quality results, just get in touch.

Carpet Cleaning Patna

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    I had Acorn Carpet Cleaning do my hallway carpet and am incredibly happy with the results. The hallway looks great and all of the marks that were there before are now gone. I popped out while they done the work and since they had finished and were waiting for me to come back they buffed my hardwood kitchen floor FREE OF CHARGE! I really can’t speak highly enough of this company.

    Mr Ramsay