Carpet Cleaning Glasgow

Acorn Carpet Cleaning is a family owned, fully professional carpet cleaning service providing great value for money professional carpet cleaning services to the Glasgow area and West of Scotland.

Acorn Carpet Cleaning is based in Paisley, and we offer our upholstery cleaning services to both domestic and commercial customers. Acorn Carpet Cleaning specialise in a huge number of carpet and upholstery cleaning options. As carpet cleaners, we’ve experience and specialise in carpets, hard flooring and hard floor cleaning, stain removal, rug cleaning, upholstery & fabric as well as leather and curtains.

Acorn ensures we can provide not only professional work but reliable cleaning services through the latest equipment in the cleaning industry as well as ensuring our team is fully trained to the expedited standards of a professional cleaning company.

A Fully Qualified Family Business

Acorn’s a family-owned business headed by our team leader, Ewan Hardy. As a family-owned business, we Acorn has a strong continuity of direct field experience providing deep cleaning. We always look to go the extra mile and ensure our clients get amazing results and are left a happy customer.
But Acorn’s experience isn’t just based on experience. We’re highly trained too and are members the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA). As members of the NCCA our team is professionally trained and have access to the best methods, technology, cleaning products, and services on the market. It also ensures we stick to the highest standards, ensuring a good job every time.

Acorn Carpet Cleaning never cuts corners and is focussed on reliability and ensuring the best quality of expedited results. Our equipment is the best in the industry and our methods are professional, safe and will ensure you receive a great job.
For a FREE no obligation quote, or more information about Acorn’s work, you can call our team at +0141 212 0212 today. You can also email Acorn at

Why go with Acorn for your Carpet and Upholstery cleaning?

So why should you go with Acorn Carpet Cleaners? What can our team offer you? The two major benefits Acorn offers are Professionalism and Trustworthiness.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Glasgow

Professionalism is vital to ensure you receive the appropriate stain protection and ensure your carpets are properly cleaned.
Without a professional service you run risk of poor or incomplete work. Complete stain removal requires the careful application of expensive industrial quality products and equipment and the careful attention of our expert staff.

Some people may attempt amateur carpet clean. Amateur and Do-it-yourself work is appealing for a lot of people because they believe it might be cheaper or less hassle – but this is never the case. There’s a variety of issues that often pop up in ‘DIY’ carpet cleaning. Using the wrong products or misusing the right ones can often fail to provide good results. Incomplete service is costly too since you’ll need to pay for multiple treatments. In the worst cases, misuse of products can result in new stains. With Acorn you’ll get an affordable service that’ll keep in your given budget and ensure you save money in the long term. We’ll ensure any stains are properly removed and can also provide superb sofa cleaning and carpet shampooing options.
Many cleaning efforts, such as leather suites, require careful attention and specific skills. There’s nothing worse than causing new issues. Acorn is dedicated to careful cleaning services and know all the necessary details to ensure you’re provided with fantastic service.
Part of Acorn’s professional qualifications and membership in the National Carpet Cleaners Association is a dedication to ensuring a great service for any carpets or furniture.

Trustworthy Carpet Cleaning Glasgow Services

Trustworthiness is another vital part of a good cleaning service. Knowing that you can rely on a cleaning company to provide reliable cleaning (as well as be relied on to provide a fantastic job) to keep your carpet clean is vital. It’s important to know that when using a Carpet Cleaning service, you can trust our team in your house or home.

As a company approved by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association), the team at Acorn is fully qualified to work with a wide range of different types of carpet, flooring, furniture, and other options. By joining the NCCA, our team is ensured to,

  • Possess industry standard carpet cleaning training – companies outside of the National Carpet Cleaners Association can’t be assured to possess the necessary training
  • Know what chemicals are appropriate to make use of and how to avoid damage to materials

Another vital part of the Acorn business is our dedication to customer satisfaction. A lot of our work is based on the recommendations of our clients, as well as repeat business. As such, Acorn always want to ensure it does not only provide a wonderful job but is considered a trustworthy and reliable service. We’re worked hard to become a recommended brand in the Glasgow area, and we aim to ensure our reputation is maintained with our customers and improved with every service we provide.

Other Benefits of Acorn’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Glasgow Service

These aren’t the only added bonuses of using our professional service. Other benefits of going with Acorn include,

  • Professional carpet upholstery and furniture cleaning is significantly cheaper than replacing an existing carpet while bringing all the same benefits
  • Acorn’s service is fully insured
  • Acorn can guarantee expert stain removal
  • Acorn can promise services at budget friendly, competitive rates
  • The bonus of years of experience, ensuring you’ll have access to a broad range of advice, suggestions and other information gained from years of work

Cleaning Services we Provide

Acorn has experience working in many house environments and provides services for practically ever cleaning you can have. For further details, give us a call at +0141 212 0212.

Carpet Cleaning

Stains and age can leave carpets looking incredibly dirty overtime, and often take a massive amount away from their colour and appearance. A build-up of dirt can seriously damage a carpet and decrease its lifespan significantly. With Acorn’s cleaning work, you can ensure your carpet can regain their previous appearance. The methods we employ are eco-friendly, safe for your pets and children, and can massively extend the quality of life of your carpet. This deep cleaning will also guarantee Carpet Cleaning is often a fantastic way to freshen up the appearance of a new house as well.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery includes a whole range of different furniture and materials. Chairs, couches, headboards, mattresses, and curtains. Our primary means of cleaning is through the use of hot water extraction and commercial cleaning materials. We’ll carefully identify the fabric and material, and make sure to use methods which preserve the material. Furthermore, Acorn is fully qualified to care for leather. So if you need your upholstery cleaned work, contact Acorn today.

Rug Cleaning

Acorn has a wealth of experience in working with rugs. We have an array of specialist services for handling cleaning a rug, and we can ensure your rug is able to regain its previous appearance and extend its lifespan. This is a great alternative to buying a new rug.

Stain Removal

There’s a lot of different liquids and materials which can cause stains. Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, and Wine. These stains can be a serious pain. Worse, amateur efforts to try and remove these stains can often make the problem much worse. Thankfully, Acorn’s cleaners have years of experience handling these kinds of stains and can remove even the toughest stains without issue.

Hard Surface Cleaning

Acorn has provided cleaning services for Hard Surfaces. Acorn’s team of experts make use of high quality equipment which uses a minimum amount of water (to ensure it is eco friendly) while also avoiding the use of harsh chemicals. This makes it an excellent option, since it avoids any of the potential issues of chemical solutions. Among the Hard Surfaces we can provide cleaning for include:

  • Stone Flooring
  • Marble
  • Ceramics
  • Porcelain
  • Slate
  • PVC

In all cases, the Acorn team takes strict measures to ensure your floors are kept safe and are cleaned without any damage.
This is only a small selection of the Hard Surfaces our team works with. For more information, email us or give Acorn a call today.

Clients we provide work for

Acorn has done cleaning jobs for all kinds of commercial and domestic properties all over Glasgow. A few of the Commercial Properties we’ve served include:

  • Hotels and Guesthouses
  • Businesses in the hospitality industry, including cafes, bars, and restaurants
  • Business and commercial offices
  • Schools, colleges, and universities

How Does Our Service Work?

Our cleaning services will begin with you getting in contact with us by phone or email. We’ll work to establish what kind of cleaning work you’re looking for. Our team will perform a pre inspection of your carpets, upholstery, furniture, or hard surfaces, and provide our professional advice on the best options for cleaning. Our team will also give you a free quote for the cost of our work. We’ll then schedule with you a date for you cleaning.

Testimonies from our Clients

A point of pride for our carpet cleaning service is ensuring our clients and customers are pleased with our work. More than half our business in carpet cleaning comes from the recommendations of pleased clients and customers.

“A really nice company who were more than happy to let me change the dates we had agreed after something else came up. When they did come by the house, they done an amazing job of the hallway carpet and my 3-piece suite. Recommended to family & friends and I will certainly be back!” – Mr Paterson, Renfrew

“I had the 50-year-old carpet in my hallway and lounge deep cleaned to see if I could avoid having to replace it completely. Acorn Carpet Cleaning came out and within a couple of hours you would think I’d had a new carpet put down, and for a fraction of what it would have cost to have the carpets replaced. I was delighted!” – Mrs Clunie, Ralston, Domestic Customer,

“We asked Acorn Carpet Cleaning to deep clean all the carpets throughout our new office block. The carpets now look great and the office smells so fresh.” – Steven Potts, Glasgow, Finance Manager

Contact Us Today

Do you have a tough stain you need removed from your house or a sofa that needs cleaned? If you’re looking for expert carpet cleaning work, Acorn is the best choice for you. Our professional team can provide you with excellent work as well as a free estimate and no-obligation quote for the cost of our work. If you’re in need of expert and professional upholstery cleaning services, carpet cleaning, fabric sofa cleaning, rugs or furniture cleaning, call Acorn today at +0141 212 0212. You can also send us an email at We can provide you with a free quote for the costs of Acorn’s work.

Areas Acorn Provides Service

The Acorn team provides our excellent service from our offices in Paisley to all over the West Coast of Scotland. In Glasgow our team has provided cleaning to customers and properties all over the West End, South Side, and Glasgow City Centre as well as to customers in the surrounding areas.


The National Carpet Cleaners Association have a FREE brochure all about carpet & upholstery cleaning with lots of information as well as hints & tips of things you can try first before you call out Acorn Carpet Cleaning.


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    I had Acorn Carpet Cleaning do my hallway carpet and am incredibly happy with the results. The hallway looks great and all of the marks that were there before are now gone. I popped out while they done the work and since they had finished and were waiting for me to come back they buffed my hardwood kitchen floor FREE OF CHARGE! I really can’t speak highly enough of this company.

    Mr Ramsay