At Acorn Carpet Cleaning we pride ourselves in making sure we leave your carpets clean, fresh and looking like new. Although there are a number of different processes we can carry out to clean your carpets, the most popular process is hot water extraction (often called steam cleaning). Hot water extraction is recognised as being the method that achieves the deepest clean.

The first stage is just to make sure that any pets or children are kept clear of the area we are going to be working in. It’s up to you whether you would like to have the furniture removed from the room you are looking to have cleaned or if you would like to have it remain and be cleaned around. If you would like the room cleared of furniture before the cleaning process begins then we are more than happy to do this for you. The only piece of furniture we will not move are television sets.

We start the cleaning process by vacuuming. We use a professional grade vacuum which outperforms any domestic vacuum that you may use. As well as removing dust and grit this vacuum also helps lift the pile with a brushing action.

The next process is to apply a pre spray. At Acorn we use M-Power, which uses powerful natural –molecular technology combined with advanced biotechnology techniques. The result of this new technology is an amazing eco-friendly and biologically active cleaning solution, which cleans without compromising performance or safety. M-Power is non-toxic to humans and pets, fully biodegradable and derived from renewable sustainable resources.

We then agitate the carpet, alternatively known as giving the carpet a good scrub, with a professional agitating machine that removes impacted dry soil and lifts the carpet pile.

The carpet has now been prepared for the main cleaning process, hot water extraction. This process involves spraying a cleaning solution into the carpet under pressure. The solution will rinse the fibres free of the pre spray, the dissolved dirt, oils and loose debris.

To finish things off we will use a carpet rake to reset the pile and replace the furniture. If any of the furniture is to be replaced on a damp carpet we will use polystyrene furniture blocks to protect against any stains from wood or metal bleeds.



Rugs tend to be neglected by home owners when it comes to cleaning. Perhaps it’s because unlike carpet, many rugs can be taken to the door and given a good shake. Either way here’s how Acorn Carpet Cleaning can help.

At Acorn we hand clean all rugs. Before starting we carry out tests to identify the fibres and the stability of the dyes. We then start by vacuuming thoroughly both sides and then pre-treat with one of our spray on traffic lane cleaners. We then lightly agitate the prespray down into the pile to loosen any greasy soils. Next, using a wet soil extraction machine and hand tool, we extract using a fabric rinse. The rinse agent is approved by the “Woolsafe” organisation and gives a better texture after the rug has dried.

After cleaning we carefully reset the pile to leave it looking clean and fresh.

We recommend that the rug is given time to dry thoroughly after cleaning, this is especially important if you intend to roll it up for storage. Equally a damp rug should never be placed on carpet as dye may transfer to the carpet during the drying process.

For this reason, it is often more practical to take the rug away to our office to carry out the cleaning process.


The National Carpet Cleaners Association have a FREE brochure all about carpet & upholstery cleaning with lots of information as well as hints & tips of things you can try first before you call out Acorn Carpet Cleaning.


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I had Acorn Carpet Cleaning do my hallway carpet and am incredibly happy with the results. The hallway looks great and all of the marks that were there before are now gone. I popped out while they done the work and since they had finished and were waiting for me to come back they buffed my hardwood kitchen floor FREE OF CHARGE! I really can’t speak highly enough of this company.

Mr Ramsay